ACM Panels

Dry Joint– This system is a well proven rain screen with wall cavity ventilation and high-performance moisture protection.

This device performs remarkably well on the wall in laboratory tests. The difference in air pressure between the interior of the wall cavity and the exterior is less than 1%.

All moisture can drain through the weep holes and can freely breathe in the cavity of the panel wall.

Because there is no moisture on the wall substrate beneath the panels, the entire system drains effectively, setting it apart from other products on the market.

Wet Joint – Since the early 1990s, this sealed system has been in widespread usage. It makes use of rivets to fasten panel returns, which are then fastened to aluminum extrusions.

A mid-clip is utilized to secure the panel to the plywood sheathing or sub girt frame, making installation simple.

A panel system that is entirely sealed (caulked) means that the panel rivets are concealed from view behind the panel.

Moisture cannot exist behind the panel system using this method. Due to the lack of a freeze/thaw cycle, this makes it perfect for interior, climate-controlled, or warm climate applications.


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