Add some space into your home

Mirrors have a magical way of adding unseen space into your home. Whatever look you're going for, we can help you reach it. A mirror is a stunning accent piece that can transform a room, making it look modern, sleek, and soft.

The experts here at Clear Image Storefronts and Glass Inc. provide a lasting, quality finish. In fact, our crasftsmen can design, fabricate and/or install all types of custom mirrors. Just bring us your design and we would be happy to make it come to life.


Nothing sparkles like glass

Glass isn't just beautiful - it's also functional! It can protect delicate, fragile wood surfaces and provide a gorgeous look. Plus, who doesn't love walking into a room and seeing a sparkling glass tabletop?

Don't cover up your wood surface or risk damaging it. Allow us to add custom glass to your tabletops, countertops, and shelves, so you can protect your wood while letting it's natural beauty shine out.

Our services include:

  • Home office desks

  • Glass countertops

  • Bedroom night stands

  • Kitchen tables

  • Coffee tables

  • Dining room tables

  • Patio tables

You can count on our team from assisting you from the very start of design all the way through to delivery. And we will always take the time to explain the various shapes, sizes, thickeness, and glass types that are available. We give our expert advice as to what style would best suit your individual home!