Get the bathroom you've always dreamed of

Bathroom design has come a long way. We don't have to settle for boring, functional bathrooms anymore. You can finally get the stunning, chic place of relaxation you have been wanting! And with your budget constantly in mind, you can finally get the bathroom glazing services.

We have a style that will fit your needs, your wants, and your budget! Browse our residential portfolio to see everything we have to offer or read some of the services we provide below!


A smart investment

When you decide to make an upgrade to your bathroom, you aren't just making a short-term decision. An upgrade is fantastic for your home! Not only does it add present and future enjoyment, but it also helps for future resale value.

Whether you want a small change or a complete makeover, we would be happy to provide you with unbeatable services. Our experts are experienced and talented when it comes to mixing beauty with functionality.

Make a statement today

In addition to frameless, semi-frameless, and framed designs, we also have a multitude of glass options to choose from, including:

  • Clear

  • Obscure

  • Patterned

  • Etched

  • Several designs in different colors and shapes

  • Over a dozen hardware finishes to match your individual needs and style

See our available GLASSES

See our available HINGES, PIVOTS and CLIPS

See our available HANDLES and KNOBS